Full Mortality

This policy provides coverage for the death of an animal resulting from accident, injury, sickness or disease. It also provides coverage in the event that destruction for humane reasons is necessary, and theft is also included.

In addition, the policy provides Emergency Colic Surgery coverage at no additional charge for 50-60% (varies by company) of the horse’s insured value, or a maximum of $3,000. Please be advised if the horse has suffered a colic, impaction or torsion in the 12 months prior to the effective date of coverage, this coverage will not apply.

Normally, your horse can be insured for an amount equal to its purchase price. Further increases in value can be substantiated by show, race, performance or breeding records. The value of homebred foals is determined by a factor of 3 times the sire’s stud fee. Please keep in mind that the policies are written on an Agreed Value basis so the company and the policyholder agree on the insured value before the policy is written.

Rates and Premium
Rates are determined by the breed, age, use and value. A policy minimum premium of $250 will apply however, you may put more than one horse on a policy to help satisfy the minimum premium, or add additional coverage such as Major Medical to help meet the minimum. The minimum premium is fully earned (non-refundable) in the event of cancellation.

If your horse is sick, hurt, lame, dies, is stolen, or requires surgery, you must promptly notice the insurance company at the toll free number listed on the policy. In the event of a claim, the insurance company will require you provide information such as a bill of sale, registration papers, and show/breeding records if applicable.

Major Medical

The Major Medical coverage is available only by endorsement to the Full Mortality policy, and cannot be purchased alone. This endorsement will pay for reasonable and customary charges of a licensed veterinarian necessitated by accident, illness, injury or disease occurring during the policy period of insurance for which mortality coverage was in force.

Available Limits
The limits of coverage available are $5,000, $7,500, $10,000 and $15,000.

The deductible applies each and every claim or reoccurrence thereof made during the period of insurance.

The age limit for this coverage is 30 days -16 years (varies by company). In the event of cancellation this premium is fully earned (non-refundable).

Loss of Use

Loss of Use coverage is available only as an addition to the Full Mortality policy.

If during the policy period the horse becomes totally and permanently unfit to perform the use specified in the policy due to accident, injury, illness or disease, and destruction for humane reasons is not required, you may elect to make a claim.

Rates and Premium
Rates: 3.0%
Returns: 50% of the horses insured value

To obtain this coverage, a veterinary examination and radiographs will be required. Eligibility for this coverage is on a submission basis, and must be approved by the insurance company.

Stallion Infertility

This coverage is available only in addition to the Full Mortality coverage.

If a breeding stallion becomes permanently impotent, infertile, or incapable of servicing a mare as a result of accident, sickness or disease, the owner may elect to make a claim to recover 100% of the stallion’s mortality insurance value.

Eligibility for coverage is on a submission basis and must be approved by the company before coverage is effective. A Veterinary Examination and Breeding Soundness Evaluation will be required to obtain the coverage. The age limit for coverage will be 2-17 years subject to underwriting approval.

The cost to obtain this coverage is 1.0% of the horse’s mortality insurance value. The premium for this coverage will be fully earned (non-refundable in the event of a claim, or in the event of cancellation. Upon settlement of a claim, all coverage on the animal will cease.

Limited Mortality

This policy provides coverage for death of an animal resulting from only the perils listed below. This policy is generally obtained for animals that are ineligible for the Full Mortality coverage.

Perils Covered
 A. Fire
 B. Lightning
 C. Explosion
 D. Collision or overturning of a vehicle transporting the animal
 E. Windstorm
 F. Hail
 G. Earthquake
 H. Flood
 I. Object falling from an aircraft
 J. Accidental Shooting
 K. Drowning
 L. Electricity
 M. Attack by dogs or wild animals
 N. Collapse of building
 O. Theft

A rate of 1.25-1.85% (varies by company) of the insured value applies to each animal covered.

A policy minimum premium of $100-$250 (varies by company) will apply. The premium is fully earned (non-refundable) in the event of cancellation.

This summary is intended to be a brief description of the coverage available. Please refer to the actual policy for exact coverage information.


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